It looks as though soybean growers in Ontario may see an early planting opportunity this year. Mild conditions through the past few months and especially over the last few weeks have farmers more than ready to get in the fields. With the advantages of early planting in soybeans established, when an opportunity presents itself, farmers should take advantage of it. There are however some things to consider when planting early.


In this episode of the Soybean School, we talk to Steve Denys of PRIDE Seeds and look at all the elements necessary to bring together a successful early planting strategy.

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One thought on “Soybean School: Establishing an Early Planting Strategy

  1. Excellent discussion on soybean planting. In my own case, I don’t like early planting of soybeans. I don’t see much upside to that, especially planting in April. Also too, most soybeans in Southwestern Ontario are planted using bin run seed, and many seed treatments aren’t available for that soybean seed. So I like to plant soybeans when its hot, typically the middle of May, or later. Last year I had one of my highest yields ever, with all my soybeans going into the ground in June.

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