Processors are becoming smaller and faster all the time. Its those attributes that have given rise to the flurry of powerful mobile devices we see today. Todays phone or tablet is faster than most desktops or laptops that existed even 5 years ago and just as powerful or as useful as a great deal that exist today. Not only that, but phones and tablets are relatively inexpensive compared to desktops and laptops and offer the greater benefits of portability as well. So, when you consider the fact that most of your needs can be met by a smartphone or a tablet or a combination of the two, where does that leave the laptop and the desktop? There is no doubt that the tablet has taken a portion of that market and as time goes on and they become more powerful and services like cloud storage and streaming technology become better they will take more. So could we be looking at the slow death of the laptop and the desktop? Shaun and Pete discuss that and more in this episode of AgNerds.


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4 thoughts on “AgNerds Episode 13: Is the Laptop Dead?

  1. Really enjoyed Episode 13 of AgNerds. I don’t have a smartphone, but really like the idea of the Samsung Galaxy Note..and enjoyed the review. I’ve felt if I got a smartphone, I’d like the Note, because its big…and that’s why many ppl say they wouldn’t want one. However, I can see it as a much more pleasant experience for me. I’ve tried it out in stores and really liked it.
    Didn’t understand the fascination with Windows 7…compared to Mac OS X, I just don’t think it has a peer. I use Garageband all the time for podcasts, audio files, and all of the iLife suite. The latest iteration of Mac OS X I’m not as enamoured with, because it makes it more like Apple’s iOS. However, maybe that’s tech passing me by…dunno

  2. Another interesting episode of AgNerds, keep up the good work, only problem is you need to do more of them!

  3. Really enjoying the series. The discussion of laptops, desktops, notepads, smartphones, etc is one we are all having, However, probably more out of frustration of purchasing costs, the learning curve…. and then the changes! Currently in the market for a new smartphone…. but one of us is still having to use our blackberry for a couple of years due to a phone plan. We can’t just jump ship for the newest and brightest. will the Galazy ‘bridge” us?

  4. I’m not sure whether laptops are dead but they are certainly in a different spot than before. I bought a big old laptop for the house…. its mammoth. Wouldn’t want to carry it on a trip but it has all the power & imaging, etc I could get in a desktop and I hate being strapped to the desktop. I can see tablets developing to where they let you access the server type machine that is stationary that would give me the best of both worlds. That can be done via mobile networking or in the house.

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