How early is too early to plant corn? The simple answer is that there is no simple answer, at least one that doesn’t involve a healthy dose of hindsight. Depending on a number of factors outside everyone’s control, you can have a banner year planting early or a total bust. It also depends on if you’re willing to risk replanting or not. Are you Kenny Rogers or George Costanza? The gambler or safe and predictable?


If you were a Kenny Rogers type this year, you may have had some scary moments involving some frost in late April. In this episode of the Corn school, Peter Johnson of OMAFRA looks at some April planted corn to see how it weathered those potentially damaging frosts in a great visit to a local field.

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One thought on “Corn School – Evaluating Frost Damage On Early Planted Corn

  1. from what i’ve seen walking fields this last week. The early planted corn is no better off than corn planted the 3rd week in april. For the? most part producers were quite lucky that soils stayed dry and the early planted seeds survived.

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