Getting the most out of your fungicide application requires a very large attention to the details of the growing season. Corn goes through a number of different growth stages and applying fungicide at the right stage can help to protect the investment you’ve made in the corn crop until that point. Timing is critical when it comes to protecting your corn throughout it’s life cycle.  You want to keep the plant green longer to maximize the yield of the plant.

Some people think that this means you are extending maturity but really its about keeping the healthy to achieve its natural maturity as designed in the breeding process.

Herbicides are reactive while fungicides are meant to be preventative.  Focusing on preventative measures requires you to apply a fungicide before you have a problem.  Whether you are using a ground rig or an aerial application, the timing is critical.


Mark Kuchuran is BASF, Fungicide Brand Manager. We asked him about the importance of fungicide timing as well as what stage producers should apply fungicides to get the most bang for their buck.

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One thought on “Corn School – Timing Your Fungicide For Maximum Benefit

  1. Some companies are promoting foliar fungicide use on corn at early growth stages, such as V5 or V6 (when 5 or 6 leaf collars have developed). While there are some advantages of this timing as far as the ability to apply fungicide with a ground applicator and to tank-mix it with a post-emergence herbicide, this early application may not provide any advantage in disease control.

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