Determining Herbicide Timing in Non-GMO Soybeans with Varied Staging

Trying to time a post emergent herbicide application in non-gmo soybeans requires some careful consideration. Crop stage, weed stage and weed pressure all have to be considered in context in order to make the decision that will be most beneficial to your crop. The toughest aspect of that decision involves waiting for your crop to reach that first trifoliate stage in order to spray. The truth is that there is always some degree of varied staging in your soybean crop. Depending on where most of your crop is and what stage your weeds are at relative to that crop, the decision to wait for your beans to reach that first trifoliate may do more harm than good. But again, it’s all relative.

We talked to OMAFRA Weed Management Specialist Mike Cowbrough about the careful consideration that has to go into that decision to spray and how to gauge when it’s time to wait on the crop or go on the weeds.

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