How Much Meat Do We Eat?

Do you eat as much meat as you used to?  Many people in North America do say no, yet the the US still eats the second highest amount of meat per capita in the world according to the Economist.   The average American consumers 276 pounds of meat per year while

Personally I still love to go out for a great steak with some peppercorn sauce on top.  When I think about my family’s meat consumption, we do eat a lot of beef but its hamburger with pasta or stirfry or a nice chicken breast.

So who eats the most meat?  Congratulations to Luxembourg!!!  In fact the citizens of Luxembourg consume 300 pounds per year of meat.  Luxembourg is actually only second to Argentina in red meat consumption.

See a slideshow break down the top countries

Not surprisingly, India consumes the least amount of meat at 7 pounds per year.

The  Economist analyzed the UN study and developed the chart below It outlines very nicely how countries rank based on consumption of the different meats.  You will notice that Canada;s preferences between red meat, pork and chicken is quite balanced.



Shaun Haney

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You just made me hungary for steak and feel fat. T-bone steak for dinner and oneh our on the treadmill for dessert. lol


America sucks! Why do people get so affectionate when they see a puppy face? Yet they continue to kill animals and eat them, and be selfish and test beauty products in them, and use them for hunting advertisement. So selfish!! So self consumed!!! It’s a shame

T-Rex, meat eater

Ya shame on us for feeding our families. I understand animal testing, but for food?
You must be a city slicker.
Dogs and cats are pets. Cows and pigs live in our barns, not in our house.
They don’t fetch, roll over, sit, heal. And honestly, I would not want a cow sitting at my feet on the front porch.
Want to complain? Check out the seal hunt as opposed to whining about a food source. Butchers maximize the use of a dead cow, (liver, bones, meat, etc) Where seals get skinned and the rest gets left on the ice.

A voice

But, North Americans have access to a wide variety of healthy, alternative foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.) that can feed their families. A vegetarian diet or a reduction in meat consumption by eating smaller portions of meat or eating meat on selective days of the week can make a difference in how much life we need to take to survive. Taking life from another sentient being to sustain your own ought to have significance and ought not be taken without absolute need, in my opinion. I wish we could have more people consider what they really need to take from this world to live each day and survive each year and attempt to break even before death or even better do something bigger than themselves and create more than we can take.

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