Pulse School – When is it Too Late to Spray for Pea Leaf Weevil?

We’ve talked before about the damage the pea leaf weevil can do, but the current economics of peas add a sense of urgency to producers scouting and control strategies. With pea prices being as strong as they are currently, the economic threshold for spraying for the pest is lower than it ordinarily would be. Taking control earlier makes good economic sense, especially in a profitable environment.


Whatever the economic push behind spraying is, the bottom line is that the measures taken have to be effective. That means the same considerations with regard to growth stage, overall insect pressure and mode of action are still keys to an effective control strategy. An urgent but unfocused approach can amount to a rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The right approach balances economics and urgency with proper application and follow up.

We spoke with Ken Coles of Farming Smarter about the Pea Leaf Weevil, its slow movement into new territory and what producers can do to deal with the pest.

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