This week the George Morris Center released a paper, which discusses the TPP negotiations and the potential impact on supply management.  Al Mussell is the author of the report and he strongly believes that the TPP / supply management discussion is not an all or none scenario.


Al Mussell believes that Canadian trade negotiators can reduce tariffs on imports and still maintain the protected production quota system.  Sadly the mainstream media has made this an all or none scenario that has created strong polarized view points.

TPP is valuable to Canada and comes with high opportunity costs if we cannot succeed in the negotiations.  The question still lies in whether Canada will be able to keep the supply management and import tariff structure in place as we know it today.  Some say yes, and some say no.  Time will tell.

My discussion with Al is eleven minutes but I encourage you you to listen to the complete interview to gain an understanding of Al’s viewpoint whether you agree with it or not.

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One thought on “Al Mussell – Does Canada Need to Dismantle Supply Management in the TPP?

  1. I agree with Al Mussell to keep some of Supply Management but there needs major reform made on the Quota issue, $1500 for a cow and $25,000 for Quota does not pencil out?????? No new blood able to get in the business, Retired 35yrs Dairy Farmer Denis st. Pierre

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