Is the Night-Time the Right Time to Spray?

Spraying is one of those jobs that can have a very short window in which to get accomplished. It’s also a job that has to be done when conditions are right. Getting to it before the wind or the rain, or whenever conditions are calm can be frustrating for producers. It’s a big part of the reason most producers spray either early morning or near dark or in some cases even at night. Those times may be great from an application standpoint, but what about efficacy? Does time of day affect how well your product works?

That’s exactly what’s being looked at in trials right now near Lethbridge, Alberta and elsewhere. The research near Lethbridge is being done by Farming Smarter in conjunction with the Alberta Canola Producers Commission and the Alberta Barley Commission. RealAgriculture talked to Farming Smarter General Manager Ken Coles about what’s involved in the trials and some of the early results of the research.

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