RealCropUpdate – My Corn Timeline from Huron County

This week we have received some great photos from Wayne Black who farms in Huron County.  We planted our corn on April 28th.  Typically Wayne likes to plant his corn in the first week of May.  His challenges have been weed escapes and insect pressure.  Wayne is really waiting for some more rain for his area to activate the residual herbicide.  Below is the visual timeline for Wayne’s corn crop.

May 6th – sprouted but not out of the ground yet





May 11th – Corn is poking through the ground.





May 15th – Two Leafs looking for some sunshine





 May 22 – Remnants of frost damage from when it was poking out of the ground (bleaching)





May 22 – Sprayed with Vios G3 – heavy weed infestation





May 31 – same spot as above but now clean.  bindweed struggling to come back.  Need rain for residual sprays to works.





If you have any photos or video from your farm this summer we would love to post them to show all our readers and viewers how the crops are progressing.  If you want more agronomic information check out the Wheat SchoolCorn School or Soybean School.



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