TPP Talks Put Supply Management in the Spotlight

In case you haven’t heard, Canada has finally been accepted into negotiation for membership into the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP.  The members of the partnership and those that are negotiating to get in are all looking for access to bigger markets for their products and economic growth.

Canada is truly going to be on the firing line in terms of defending its supply management of dairy, poultry and egg industry at the TPP negotiations.

Let the spinning by both sides begin as the battle to win the popular public opinion battle starts.

Some people are saying that supply management will have to go, while others are waiting to see if Canada will actually have to budge on supply management to officially get into the TPP club.  Other stories question will the price of admission into TPP be too high to in comparison to the benefit.  another position is that supply management is here to stay in Canada as Americans become even more protective of their own system.

Whether you agree with supply management or not, the ag media (including and the main stream media are going to provide the reasons for and against supply management to a very high level as Canada tries to negotiate into TPP.

Harper’s government has been very adamant supply management is not on the table while also saying that everything is on the table.  No wonder there is lots of speculation.

Will Canada give up supply management to get into TPP?  Should they?  Would you?



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