Wheat School – Multiple Applications of Fungicide In Wheat – Are We There Yet?

Managing fusarium has become a fact of life for wheat producers in areas of the west. The disease is a real challenge for producers living in regions that are intensely affected. While there is no one-step solution available to those producers, an integrated approach can provide producers with a high level of management, maintaining yields and reducing the level of fusarium damaged kernels. The base of that management strategy is proper crop rotation, combined with variety choice and fungicide application.


For producers in intensely affected areas who have gone 2 years with a non host crop between wheat crops and have chosen a variety with a high level of resistance and are still dealing with infection, fungicide application is the only area left to address.

In this episode of the Wheat School, we look at the area of fungicide application, in particular, the idea of using multiple applications to provide a higher degree of fusarium control. We spoke to Kelly Turkington about the potential benefits and the dangers associated with multiple applications of fungicide in wheat.

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