Beef Market Update – Canada Claims Victory Over US in WTO Ruling on COOL

We could easily call this episode of the Beef Market Update the “even Steven” episode or the “good news bad news” episode as it seems as though every point has a counter-point and every yin, a yang. In some cases it’s less of a counter-point than it is a “wait just a minute, not so fast” type of scenario. Take for instance the latest Canadian victory in the WTO Country of Origin Labelling debacle. This is the second time we have seen a decision in our favour, but when will that concretely mean something to Canadian and American producers?

In the “good news bad news” section, we have historic highs in the cattle market dampened by incredible input costs on everything from feed to fuel to replacement animals. Now, if producers do find themselves in an area where some of those costs become more manageable they will more than likely be looking at some pretty tight supplies for replacement animals. It’s not exactly an ideal forecast as we look toward the fall, but as we all know, things can turn around pretty quick.


In this Beef Market Update, Shaun and Anne discuss the latest WTO ruling, the elements surrounding the current price situation and what we can expect heading into fall.

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Shaun Haney

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