Harvest for Kids Looks to Break a World Record

Farmers are a supportive and generous group of people and they love to rally around a good cause. Whether its volunteering at a local community event or donating time, money or something they produce to any number of worthy causes it seems like you can’t keep farmers from helping out. Harvest for Kids is a great example of that. It serves as a fundraiser for Childrens Camps International, an organization that helps send kids in developing countries to camps. It’s a summer activity we here are used to, but something far less accessible in developing countries.


In 2010, Harvest for Kids broke the old record of 175 combines harvesting simultaneously with 200 combines in a field in Winkler, Manitoba. This year they want to try and break that record when they gather together just North of Saskatoon. I spoke to Wendell Andres of Harvest for Kids about the event.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Shaun Haney

Shaun grew up on a family seed farm in Southern Alberta. Haney Farms produces, conditions and retails wheat, barley, canola and corn seed. Shaun Haney is the founder of RealAgriculture.com. @shaunhaney


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