New One Two Punch For Potatoes


Not every new product that hits the market is a major innovation. Many are just tweaks on existing products to try to add a bit of extra convenience or a slight change in formulation. Sometimes though, these little tweaks really make a difference.

BASF’s new Cabrio Plus fungicide falls into this latter category. Cabrio Plus a pre-mixed combination of Polyram and Headline, both of which have been available separately for many years. Of course, having both in the same water dispersible granular formulation does make it convenient. Beyond that, this new formulation just makes good agronomic sense for potato growers trying to stay ahead of early and late blight.

You see, both components within Cabrio Plus are effective against both early and late blight individually, but each attacks the diseases in a different way. The Headline component quickly moves inside the leaf to provide preventative control of spores. The Polyram component is a contact fungicide that forms a protective layer on the leaf surface. It just makes sense that hitting diseases with two different modes of action and with both a contact and systemic (translaminar) product is a strategy growers should consider. One note of caution though. Even though Cabrio Plus contains two modes of action, BASF still recommends it be rotated with other classes of chemistry to avoid the development of resistance.

Rocket science? Not really. Growers can certainly buy the components in Cabrio Plus separately and mix them themselves. But since BASF has done this for you, and in the right proportions, why bother? In Cabrio Plus potato growers have a convenient tool that has been custom designed to help in the fight against two of the most common disease problems they are likely to encounter. Check it out with your local retailer.


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