Pulse School: Disease Triangle a Helpful Tool In Making Fungicide Decisions

In order to have an effective fungicide strategy, the approach behind it has to be more preventative than reactive. That approach can be a little scary sometimes when spraying based on a risk assessment instead of seeing actual symptoms. It’s an approach that can leave you wondering if you did the right thing, but if it’s done correctly it’s the best possible strategy. The disease triangle is a helpful tool that enables farmers to assess their risk and make the best decision possible. The triangle looks at three areas that may put your crop at risk for disease:

1. Host crop

2. Disease

3. Environment


In this episode of the Pulse School, Dave Kloppenburg of DuPont takes us through the disease triangle to give us an idea of how to apply it in order to make your fungicide application count.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


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