A good fungicide program is important in your pulse crops. Variety selection, rotation, product selection and proper application of that product should all come together to get you the most bang for your fungicide buck. While all of those elements are vital to the health of your crop, your whole program could suffer if the last step of application is mismanaged.


In this episode of the Pulse School we get some advice on the application management end of things from DuPont Crop Protection’s Dave Kloppenburg. Dave gives Pulse School viewers some advice on what, when and how to apply your fungicides for maximum efficacy and the best return.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

One thought on “Pulse School – Why Spray Quality Matters – Fungicide Tips For Pulse Crops

  1. To me managing your fungicides is the key to getting better pulse yields. I just wish that multiple applications could be thing of the past.

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