Month: August 2012

Calf Price Considerations for Ranchers and Feeders

As the US corn crop shrinks with the effects of the drought, it continues to lower Canadian calf and feeder price prospects. Although the rapid increase in grain prices have had the most dramatic impact on the cattle markets, there have been several factors that have been chipping away at Canadian prices the past few… Read more »

What Happened to the Canola Yields?

If there is a pattern developing in the 2012 harvest across Western Canada it would have to be the disappointing canola yields. Farmers have taken to Twitter to display there disappointment in the yields.  One of the common threads has been, “I have 50 bushel swaths and 25 bushel yields.” With over twenty million acres… Read more »

Wheat School – Three Key Steps to Planting Winter Wheat Right

In the last episode of the Wheat School, we spoke with wheat specialist Peter Johnson about some of the problems producers can face when they plant winter wheat early. This time around, Pete offers some advice on how to give that wheat the best possible chance at the point of planting. SEE MORE WHEAT SCHOOL…. Read more »

CCA President Martin Unrau on Community Pastures, the Canadian Cow Herd & COOL

This year’s International Livestock Congress gave producers a chance to gather together to talk about some of the industries big issues. The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association hosts the event that covers a wide range of industry topics from global economic issues all the way to individual efforts toward sustainable production. Martin Unrau is President of the… Read more »

We’ll All Be Vegetarian Soon: Report

Time to savour that juicy steak, chicken wings and delicious pork tenderloin, because within the next 40 years we’re all going to have go vegetarian. That’s according to a group of scientists from the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). Researchers there point to water usage in livestock production as the main limiting factor of our… Read more »

AgNerds 15 – Apple Versus Samsung – Can You Patent a Rectangle?

This past week Apple won a patent case against Samsung and was awarded one billion dollars for its troubles.  This battle is not over and there will be months and maybe years of appeals, countersuits and more intellectual property lawyers getting filthy rich. In this episode of the AgNerds, Shaun Haney and Peter Gredig discuss… Read more »

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2012 Will Be Epic

The 2012 harvest brings grain in the bin and the start of the farm show season focused on the 2013 crop.  On September 11, 12, and 13th, Woodstock Ontario will be hosting the 2012 version of Canada’s Outdoor Farm show. This years show will feature a full slate of displays and events that are really… Read more »

Eliminate the Green Bridge Ahead of Winter Wheat

While Saskatchewan and Alberta are just now enjoying the first few weeks of harvest, Manitoba farmers are nearly done with cereals and canola and have a few weeks to wait before soybeans and corn are ready. The early harvest has many farmers excited to get winter wheat back in rotation, and more than a few… Read more »

Beef Market Update – The Grind Higher Plays on the Nerves of Producers

As we get closer to the rush of the fall run and there are many questions on the table. In this episode of the Beef Market Update, Anne Dunford and Shaun Haney discuss the grind higher and the difficulty of trying to take proactive risk management strategies with such volatile corn and feed barley prices…. Read more »

Head Scratcher: CWB to Offer Canola Pools

Am I the only one left scratching my head over the newly minted CWB offering canola pools? Voluntary pooling is all good, if that’s what you’re in to, but I thought a very recent survey asking farmers if they’d be interested in a canola pool went over like a lead balloon. Apparently not, according to… Read more »

Bill Maher and Nick Gillespie Battle it Out On GM Food Labelling

With the high profile stature of celebrities has produced a world where celebrities provide expert opinion on topics they see as “good causes.”   In this case it was political satirist Bill Maher (I watch the show every week) who tackled the cause of GMO food labelling. One of the guests on the panel and… Read more »

Wheat School: Can You Seed Wheat Too Early in Ontario

With the early soybean harvest that is about to take place in Ontario, some growers are considering on getting an early jump on the fall planting of winter wheat. HOLD ON!!!!! Peter Johnson, Wheat Specialist, OMAFRA, has some key points for you to remember before you hook up the seeder and start roaring down the… Read more »

Glen Hogdson – Canadian & Global Economic Outlook – Fall 2012

Why is it that this topic of global economic recovery will not go away.  What is taking so long for the global economy to start roaring again.  It was a much more fun time Glen Hodgson, Conference Board of Canada provided with his analysis of the Canadian and global economy.  Glen breaks down the economy based on… Read more »

Louis Dreyfus – The Open Wheat Market, Railway Reform, Domestic Canola Crushing Capacity

Due to the purchase of Viterra by Glencore, much of the media attention has been pointed at Cargill, Richardsons and Glencore. One company that is maybe running under the radar in their strategy in th open market and overal Canadian operations is Louis Dreyfus. At the International Livestock conference chatted with Louis Dreyfus Canadian… Read more »

Soybean School – Can Drought Damaged Soybeans Still Recover?

There are some dismal looking soybean crops throughout parts of Ontario as a result of the extreme summer heat. Late summer rains have provided some relief to those fields but have left producers wondering if it’s too little too late. It’s not just the heat that’s pushed those soybean fields to the brink. The weakened… Read more »