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This past week Apple won a patent case against Samsung and was awarded one billion dollars for its troubles.  This battle is not over and there will be months and maybe years of appeals, countersuits and more intellectual property lawyers getting filthy rich.

In this episode of the AgNerds, Shaun Haney and Peter Gredig discuss the patent battle.  Shaun and Peter discuss whether this court decision should impact your next smartphone purchase, how it impacts RIMM, HTC and Windows.   The  one billion dollars is pocket change for Samsung but the greater

Technology blogger, Robert Scoble had some very interesting thoughts on the court decision:

I think this is actually a sizable win for Samsung. Why? It only cost $1 billion to become the #2 most profitable mobile company. Remember how much Microsoft paid for Skype? $8 billion. So, for 1/8th of a Skype Samsung took RIM’s place and kicked HTC’s behind.Not too bad. Unless the judge rules Samsung can’t sell its products. Even then I bet Samsung arrives at a nice licensing deal with Apple.  Plus, Apple has opened up its kimono and not too voluntarily at that. Finally, Apple got Google/Motorola to sue it too. So this might end up being a financial wash for Apple in the end.  But on the other hand Apple won the PR as the innovator and Samsung will always be seen as the copier. This gives Apple the ability to bring new, innovative products to the market and have people at least show up to its press events. Samsung’s events never get the “Apple buzz” and this verdict won’t help Samsung move up in the world’s eyes as an innovator.  That said, I bet that RIM wishes it had copied the iPhone a lot sooner than it did. So does Nokia, and HTC and a raft of other manufacturers I bet. Samsung is a much healthier company than any of those BECAUSE it copied the iPhone.

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2 thoughts on “AgNerds 15 – Apple Versus Samsung – Can You Patent a Rectangle?

  1. Great convo guys & you both brought up some great points. One part of this may explain why the Samsung has been so popular over other smartphones & tablets – mimicing Apple without the Apple price attached to it. It also explains why, as an Apple mobile device user, I am swaying towards the Samsung products after turning down the original Galaxy tablet last year. For consumers they probably don’t even care about this court battle. It goes on in the seed/chem industry also – but do we as farmers care? Not really – as long as we get the best profitability per acre.
    It does further the argument – what should be patent protected? As the past dictates – if you don’t mimic (copy) a great patent, you get left in the dust.

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