Marijuana Grow Op Discovered in an Ontario Corn Field

Courtesy of @katiesimpson24

Courtesy of @katiesimpson24

With the US drought raging on, corn has become a very valuable commodity heading into fall. For a farmer in Ontario the police found an even higher valued crop.

A grow op was discovered in a corn field outside of Markham, Ontario.   The police suggested that each plant was worth around $1000 and was eye level tall.  According to the police in the CP24 news report the total street value of the crop would be $250,000.

See the CP24 story and video report with Katie Simpson Here

Marijuana gets planted in corn fields by dealers for a number of reasons.  The height of the corn crop provides ground level disguise.  The corn crop canopy humidity is an agronomic benefit probably as well.

According to a police officer we talked to, if you find a grow op in your field you should notify the police right away due to booby trapping.  Many of these grow sites are not planted by teenagers looking to do some experimental gardening but are instead controlled by organized crime.




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