RealAgriculture’s Best of Canola Swathing Timing Videos

“How do I figure out when to swath my canola?” is one of those questions that comes up every year without fail. It’s a question that doesn’t have a broad, simple answer, which is why it’s restated every year.  Even though there are over 20 million acres of canola in Western Canada producers still struggle with the canola swathing issue with good reason.  Its not easy!!!

It’s with that in mind that we at RealAgriculture decided to put together a compilation of all of the swath timing videos we’ve done over the years. Over that time we’ve consulted a number of industry experts. The list is as follows. Click on any of the videos and enjoy this great resource. Have a great harvest!

Tiffany Martinka – How Do I Know When to Swath?

Troy Prosofsky – Determining Swath Timing and 60% color change

Jim Bessel – Determining Seed Color Change and Harvest Timing 

Troy Prosofsky – Should I Consider Straight Cutting?

Murray Hartman – When Should I swath My Canola?

Doug Moisey – When Should I Swath My Canola


RealAgriculture Agronomy Team

A team effort of RealAgriculture videographers and editorial staff to make sure that you have the latest in agronomy information for your farm.


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