CFIA Shuts Down Lakeside Packers in Brooks Due to E-coli Outbreak

According to the Calgary Herald, CFIA has suspended operations at the XL Foods Lakeside Cattle Slaughter Facility in Brooks. As we reported earlier this week, this story seems to be mushrooming as the days go by.  CFIA has apparently given XL foods some corrective actions to implement before the plant will be re-opened.  Corrective actions are basically things you need to do to fix a problem that has happened, from happening in the future.

According to the Calgary Herald report :

Brooks mayor Martin Shields told the Herald he is praying the temporary suspension is lifted as soon as possible.

“I would believe it won’t be long,” he said from the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association convention in Edmonton. “Anytime there is a work stoppage, you’re concerned because it’s obviously the largest employer in our region. It would have a significant economic impact if it was closed for an extended length of time.

“As a business, they want to be back in operation and they will do whatever is necessary to get that done very quickly.”

The details of what is happening at the Brooks plant is unknown at this point.  Additionally the corrective actions by CFIA are also unknown.  Still missing is any public response by Brian and Lee Nilsson to this e-coli issue.

Everyday that goes by of this plant being shut down is huge losses for XL foods and producers with cattle to be killed at XL Foods hang in the balance.

RealAgriculture will continue to update you as this story develops.


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