FNA Spearheading New Fertilizer Plant

FNA is looking for farmer commitment and seed money for a new western Canadian fertilizer plant it has dubbed “ProjectN.” The organization is not looking to be an owner of this plant; FNA is acting only as facilitator to round up interest and fund the FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership.

“It needs to be clear that FNA is not talking about getting into the manufacturing business itself,” said spokesman Bob Friesen in a news release. “Rather, as we have done in the past, we are organizing and providing the catalyst to see a fertilizer plant built. Participation in fertilizer manufacturing will allow farmers to capture more of the value chain.”

FNA’s website states: “We want to give farmers like you the ability to participate in and profit from a new nitrogen fertilizer plant, while guaranteeing you a source of fertilizer supply at wholesale prices. The result of ProjectN thus far is FNA Fertilizer Limited Partnership.”

The organization says owning a fertilizer plant moves farmers up the supply chain, allow them to recoup a portion of their fertilizer bills and ensure stability of N supply. Western Canada is the most logical choice, FNA states, because that’s where large percentage of FNA members are located, as is an abundant supply of reasonably priced natural gas.


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