Hay to Roll East 10 Years Later

Photo Courtesy of EcoLibrary.org

Photo Courtesy of EcoLibrary.org

Western Canadian farmers struggling to feed livestock in the very dry 2002 growing season were helped out by their eastern counterparts when an ad hoc program dubbed “Hay West” sent thousands and thousands of tonnes of hay to those in need. This year, western Canadian farmers are returning the favour with Hay East 2012.

Livestock producers in both Ontario and Quebec are hurting for feed after a hot, dry summer stunted not only cash crops, but also pastures and hay fields. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture, Mennonite Disaster Services, the Quebec Farmers’ Association and several farmers involved in the 2002 campaign are asking for help from provincial and federal governments, transport companies and other partners to coordinate the movement of hay and to help shoulder the cost.

If you’d like to help, please contact the following, or visit www.hayeast2012.com:

• In Alberta – Lynn Jacobson, president, Wild Rose Agricultural Producers – 403-894-5208
• In Saskatchewan – Norm Hall, president, Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan – 306-530-3886
• In Ontario – Mark Wales, president, Ontario Federation of Agriculture – 519-773- 6706


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