Is John Deere Correct About the Future Of Farming?

John Deere has released a video that looks into the possible future of farming.  The video showcases the potential of interactions that the future farmers may have with technology and computer interfaces through the John Deere software products.

For some, this video will  seem ridiculous and for others it will seem enticing.  For many farmers this video almost seems more reality than we really think.  In fact, the interaction with screens inside the tractor cab has become the norm but the interface is not quite as advanced as this video shows.

You be the judge. …

Does this vision of computer interface farming really appeal to you as not only a John Deere user a farmer in general?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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Oh my god…. Really! I’m all about moving forward but this sounds lazy and expensive! I guess when you’re only gonna have one guy farming 100+ thousand acres it’ll work perfect for his operation! Computers are only as smart as the people running them. Mind you I don’t think farmers will have the same outlook and knowledge as farmer of today and the past!

Shaun Haney

So true Michelle. The guy in the video seems quite calm in comparison to how my dad would be reacting to the computer. “SHAUN, Something is wrong with my computer!!!”

Ken Coles

On good thing is that the farmer can still only type with his two index fingers!

The technology is already here to do all that is in the video. This video is about the present.

Blake Holtman

Technology like this is only the beginning of what is possible in farming today and will only continue to get better as time goes on. I remember farming with a John Deere D, compared to the tractores today there has been a monstrous improvement. However, let us not forget that at the end of the day it is all supported by the fertility of the soil. If your organic matter and fertility of the soil is falling it matters not how good the technolgy the is. Some experts claim that we lose more soil due to erosion than the weight of the crops we produce. All life, cell phones, TV s and John Deere technology is supported by the health of the soil. If this technology enhances what we do to improve soil fertility and long term sustainability of the land, great. If, we as farmers lose sight of where real wealth is generated, then technology only speeds up our demise. The Mayan civilization and many others did not heed this simple fact and collapsed. Let’s not forget that the invention of the wheel was another great piece of technology.

Iain Robson

This an interesting notion. I think it will take some time for us to get to that point. Also, a great point that was brought up was the fact that the technology used in the video would be crazy expensive.

If it did come to that, you would have a huge divide between the family farm and the industrialized farm. Just my thought.

Paul Smith

I can honestly say that the technology is here now to do almost everything in that video.
I did a presentation 3 weeks ago, where the Deere dealer spoke right before me about the future of farming and he showed that video, he was not happy when I walked up after he finished and I said I could do almost everything in the video today!


In the race for relevance, a reality slap is needed. In the medical or space industry, this type of technology is already being used, why not in Ag? I work with about 100-150 family farms that are looking at this and they are hungry for it. I have 2-4 farmers that have created a think tank to redesign local college programs to help guide our youth to ag-programs like this and away from programs that only saddle them with mini-mortgages, Thanks J.D. for showing that “things come in CANS, not in cannots. Oh, in your next video, add a dog.


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