RealAgriculture Celebrates Its Four Year Birthday

It has been a very special week for  Not only did we win the Canadian Farm Writers Award for best website but its also our four year birthday.

On September 24, 2012, Shaun Haney posted the first blog on the site.  Amazingly, 1327 posts and 947 videos later, the site is still going strong and the team is excited about the future.

If you think that the first ever post seems like a long time ago, check out the first ever video we posted talking about the possible strong future of Camelina (we might of got a bit ahead of ourselves with that one).

Many times we get asked about the site and how it has grown.  We thought because its our birthday we would share a few data points with you.  In the past year, 72,000 different people have visited the website from 168 countries (mostly Canada though).  In the past year, our YouTube videos have been viewed 189,000 times.  Since that first video was uploaded in Jan 2009, our videos have been viewed 378,000 times.

Thank you once again to everyone for your support of our website.  There are many different websites, newspapers and radio stations to get agricultural based information and we are humbled that you choose as one of your options.

Maybe next year for the fifth birthday we will have to plan a big birthday party to celebrate.




RealAgriculture News Team

A team effort of RealAgriculture's videographers and editorial staff to make sure that you have the latest in what is happening in agriculture.


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Lyndsey Smith

Happy birthday, and congratulations! I’m very honoured to be a part of this and this great team, and looking so forward to all that we have planned for the next year.
P.S. You forgot the award here in Winnipeg.


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