What if there was a way you could get at least 25% more grass out of your pastures with minimal investment? There is — the secret is adding electric fencing and moving  your cows more. Jack Kyle, grazier specialist with OMAFRA, says that restricting the cows to smaller pastures and then moving them every day or two results in better pasture re-growth, stronger plants, more competition (resulting in fewer weeds) and higher quality feed overall. All told, implementing a rotational grazing system could increase pasture performance by 25% to 40% with minimal investment in fencing and only a minor change to your management style.


Jack walked us through two demonstration plots at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and explained the how and why rotational grazing works.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

One thought on “Rotational Grazing is Good for Cattle & Pastures

  1. The protein is higher during the middle stage of growth (teen years) compared to the shorter stage (baby years). Last stage (going to seed), it gets tougher to chew.

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