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There is pressure building in the halls of Washington to rescind the mandatory ethanol mandates.  With tightening supplies of corn creating higher feed prices for livestock producers and higher food costs for consumers, the pressure mounting  in Washington is real.

To this point though, according to Kevin Grier of the George Morris Center, nothing has changed.  Kevin believes that the ethanol mandates make no sense in the long term and its unfortunate that it takes a drought crisis to get the discussion started.  Organizations like the RFA disagree.  

The livestock producers on both side of the border agree with Kevin while the corn farmers around the continent strongly disagree.  Earlier this week Harry Siemens told us about how high feed costs are destroying the hog industry in Canada.

What is your opinion?  Kevin Grier of the George Morris Center gives us his opinion in the embedded video below.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

One thought on “Should US Ethanol Mandates Be Scrapped In the Face of Drought?

  1. I think the moment you prioritize energy over food in times like these you’re a true capitalist! We live in a time that as long as I get mine the rest can suck rocks! Nobody cares anymore. It’s all about big bucks. I think this defines us the human race on the lengths we’ll go in order to make money! And not just a living but lots and lots of money, and we better make more the following year! I know that’s what makes the world go round but in the end everyone has the same fate!

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