U.S. Stops Importing Beef From XL Foods; Plant Closed for a Day

It’s the beef recall nightmare that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. The XL Foods voluntary re-call regarding possible E. coli-contaminated ground beef began last week; the list of possibly contaminated products has been expanded seven times. To date, there have been no confirmed cases of human E. coli infections linked to this recall.

Now the USDA has announced that it has banned imports of beef from the XL Foods plant, based at Brooks, Alberta. While the banning of imports from a particular plant until the problem is addressed is a normal part of the process in dealing with a recall, the optics of it are not good.

RealAgriculture.com has confirmed that the Brooks plant did not kill a single animal yesterday but operations were set to be back online again today (Sept 26).

For more on the impact this recall has on the beef market, see the latest Beef Market Update with Anne Dunford.


  • Sept 26 – The plant will not be slaughtering cattle again today.  Originally we reported that the plant was to start up again but that decision was changed.  

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