AgNerds 16 - iPhone 5, Bad Maps and the First Apple Mistake

The release of the iPhone 5 came, as usual, with a lot of fanfare and then a wake of criticism following behind it. The biggest criticism legitimately targeted Apple’s new mapping system which has been buggy from the word go. The backlash even coaxed a very rare apology out of Apple CEO Tim Cook. The other criticism coming from the Android camp is that the iPhone 5 simply brings the iPhone to the level of the Galaxy S3. True or not, that brings up an interesting point. If the technology and features behind the phones are so close, is content and apps the area where the smartphone battle will be won or lost?


Join us for this episode of AgNerds where Shaun and Pete discuss that point and many others as well as launch a contest to find Pete a new smartphone.

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2 thoughts on “AgNerds 16 – iPhone 5, Bad Maps and the First Apple Mistake

  1. I’ve had Galaxy S2x for over a year, much better than any IPhone because larger brighter screen, faster processor, tougher when you drop it or drown it, all the same apps available, and the SWYPE is the real reason I chose it – saves huge time every hour of the day. The only weakness, is a very quiet speaker. The new Iphone camera is a bit better too, in terms of chooosing the right lighting and contrast, but I think an Android update will have the camera improving soon, the hardware is great, amazing pixels when you zoom into a photo.

  2. I am not a nerd, just a dummy looking for a cell phone. Just
    a “ring”, Hello and Goodbye for me, thanks. I lost my cell phone and
    my cell phone contract was up. After searching I picked the, of course, the
    cheapest phone and plan. From RBC “Talk & Save” I got the Samsung C414 cell
    phone. I got the plan for less than I
    was paying before per month. It was the
    Couples Talk Canada plan, so now my wife also has a phone too. We only use the
    phones away from home when needed. The cell phones and the cell service are not

    I could use a better cell phone, so if this comment does not
    qualify for your contest. I will just
    add, get the iPhone 5. If I do not win, would you like to trade two Samsung
    cell phones for the Blackberry Torch

    Farmer John,

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