Corn School – Corn Harvest has a “Best Before” Date

Mature corn on the CFWF south tour, Lyndsey Smith, 2012

Harvest is always a busy time and weather and mechanical delays are to be expected. But if all is going reasonably well and you’ve got several fields ready to harvest all at once, have you ever thought about the best way to prioritize harvesting one field over the other? Right now, there are still soybeans to come off and much of the corn to go — some of these corn fields are starting to weather and beginning to break down. They’ve reached their expiry date and the sooner they’re combined, the fewer yield losses you’ll incur.

Dave Towsend, product manager with Becker Underwood, walks us through a standing corn field near Woodstock, Ont., to demonstrate an easy way to determine which corn fields need attention first, and which can wait a little while yet.

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