In a month where E. coli has become the number one story on the nightly news and criticism is growing for how XL Foods has kept incredibly silent on the topic, a company is showcasing how to handle public relations.

McDonald’s Canada has launched a website to address consumer questions about its food.  The site tagline is “Our Food, Your Questions”

In reality, it is everything that you wanted to know about McDonald’s food.  Did you ever want to know if a McDonald’s burger never rots, or if the company uses GMOs? What do they put on the salads to prolong freshness? Where do the potatoes come from? You can ask, and they will answer.


Every single questions comes with an answer through video, link-outs or written responses.

Congratulations McDonald’s — you get public relations and transparency.

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s Tackles the Toughest Questions About Its Food

  1. I’d agree Shaun, it is an amazing campaign. I do feel sorry for the person writing the responses though. Reading a few of the questions makes me wonder how many times a day they bang their head against the wall.

  2. Our motto is always “no question is a dumb question” as it gives you a chance to have a conversation. If they care enough to ask, we care enough to answer! love the McDonalds approach.

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