POLL: Was Dalton McGuinty Good For Ontario Agriculture?

With yesterdays surprise announcement by Dalton McGuinty that he was stepping down as the Premier of Ontario, people took to twitter to speak out in favor and against the tenure of the resigning Premier.

As we discussed yesterday, it would appear by the discussion on Twitter that Ontario farmers do not believe very strongly about Dalton McGuinty’s contribution to Ontario Agriculture.

Well its your time to speak out.  Please participate in our poll below to make sure that your voice is heard positive or negative on the job of Mr. McGuinty.

If you cannot see the poll below, click here to vote.


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we only became fully aware of the distain and disregard that dalton had for rural ontario in the last couple of years. But looking back it began with the imposition of the Greenbelt. It’s too bad we won’t get the chance to really kick his butt in an election. And not much hope for any of the alternatives.


He surely kicked
asses in the tobacco farming areas. As
an ex-tobacco farmer, I still have tobacco dept to pay off. As do others if
they could hold onto their land.

Sick and tired

He didn’t give a dam about the farming community. Only appeared for photo opps.


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