Poll: What Percentage of the Wheat Crop Will CWB Handle?

Earlier this year the CWB (as it was still named) rolled out handling agreement announcements at Canada’s Farm Progress Show at Regina, Sask. During and after the press conference, more than a few weighed in on what percentage of the grain handle the monopoly-less board could possibly attract. Some estimated as much as 30% to 40% of the Western Canadian wheat crop would run through CWB’s pools — a number others found far too high given how late in the game some of the handling agreements were reached and the lack of programing or pricing announcements at that time.

Click here for RealAgriculture.com’s June interview on the topic with Brenda Tjaden Lepp.

Fast forward a few months, and the monopoly is gone, as is the first sign-up date for entering the pool. Today, October 31st, was meant to be the deadline for the second pool — the Harvest Pool — but the deadline has been extended over a week in an effort to have more tonnes committed.

As mentioned in the above interview from June, farmers who want CWB to remain on option will have to support it, but it stands to reason that current high cash prices does not favour pooling.

What do you think? For this crop year, what percentage of the wheat crop with CWB handle? Take our poll!

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