Pulse Growers Get Double-Barrel Disease Control

Priaxor DS from BASF is now registered to provide chickpea, lentil and field pea growers in Western Canada with a pretty good looking fungicide option.

Priaxor is actually a combination of two fungicides from different chemical groups (7 & 11). Most notably, it contains the new active ingredient Xemium (fluxapyroxad) which is absorbed into the waxy layer of the leaf then redistributed and transported within the leaves for continuous disease protection. Priaxor also contains Headline (pyraclostrobin) with its special ability to move through the leaf surface to protect the opposite side of the leaf as well as the treated side. Together, these active ingredients should deliver a sound disease management option for the control of many pulse crop diseases such as powdery mildew, ascochyta, anthracnose, Mycosphaerella blight, and Sclerotinia white mold.

Priaxor also contains BASF’s AgCelence technology which is claimed to provide greener leaves, stronger stems, and higher yields. This is apparently a result of protecting the young crop from disease stresses so that it can focus its energy on converting carbon and nitrogen into plant tissue instead of fighting off infections. A disease-free crop may also be better able to fight off the effects of minor drought, cold, and heat stress. Whether or not AgCelence is better at doing this could be up to debate, but BASF at least has the confidence in their technology to flaunt it.

Keeping diseases at bay can be a challenge in some years. Priaxor appears to be a product worth remembering when making plans for the 2013 crop.

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