Faba bean, a very-high protein pulse crop, did very well under 2012 growing conditions. In fact, in many of the areas where the pea crop struggled, faba beans did quite well. Faba bean averages around 30% protein, making it an attractive feed ingredient. It’s also a common food ingredient in countries other than Canada.

Bert Vandenberg, lentil and faba bean breeder with the University of Saskatchewan, and his team have been working on varietal development of faba beans for nearly a decade now, and the crop is showing some real promise. In this episode of the Pulse School, Vandenberg discusses the state of the crop in Western Canada and a few of the challenges yet to be overcome before faba bean can take on more acreage.


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One thought on “Pulse School —Faba Bean Development Well Under Way on the Prairies

  1. Faba beans are a great pulse to grow because of their ability to tolerate unpredictable environments. They also do not lodge and desiccate very well. In central Alberta black soil zone they were averaging 60 bushels / acre.

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