Soybean School – How Did the 2012 Growing Season Shape Up?

August rains make grain. That’s an old saying, but it held true this year in Ontario. The Ontario soybean crop managed to hold on through extreme hot and dry conditions to receive those timely rains and produce what was, overall, a great crop.

In this episode of the Soybean School, Ken Currah of PRIDE Seeds explains some of the reasons besides the rains that made this season’s story, in general, a positive one.

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Philip Shaw

Yes, soybeans yields a good news story in SW Ontario this year. In the deep SW, we had record yields, had ample rain all year. However, was it management or weather? I think it was weather, as rain in August makes soybeans. Soybeans still are not keeping up to corn, which continues to be a problem. With more wheat acres in Ontario this fall, and likely more corn acres in 2013 for Ontario, I think we’ll be down in Ontario soybean acres next year. However, I hope Ken is right, gotta keep those yields going up….something that has been hard to attain over the last few years.


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