Beef Market Update – A Hurricane Hits the Beef Market?

The markets are volatile and could be described liked standing inside a hurricane at times.  Only this time the hurricane was real.  With Hurricane Sandy ripping through the east coast, the impacts on beef demand must be questioned. With the XL Foods hangover working its way out, feed yards and ranchers are trying to get a handle on the fall 2012 market.

All is not bad though.  Exports to the US are strong and the basis has potential to tighten even with the US market highs possibly in for the fall.

In this weeks episode of the Beef Market Update we discuss:

-Hurricane Sandy and beef demand
-The possibilities that the US market highs are in
-Will basis tighten in October or stretch.
-Fat Cattle Exports into the US from Canada are strong due to XL Foods recall.
-The feeder run has finally started but access to transport trucks is still the issue.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.


Anne Dunford

President of Cattle Trends Inc., which consults for companies and individuals in the cattle business. Also a regular contributor on


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