Food safety in the beef industry was a topic that was front and centre at this years Canfax Cattle Market Forum. Producers and industry members were left questioning just how far the impact of the recall would reach and how long the hangover would last. As we found out when we sat down with Brian Perillat of Canfax, the recall has even affected the ability to measure where the industry is at.

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One thought on “Brian Perillat On the Growth of the Canadian Cattle Herd & the XL Foods Hangover

  1. Is it important to have the several smaller beef processing establishments still operating across Canada running? While all the other plants only make up a relatively small percentage of slaughter, they do represent a diversity of product offerings and flexible supply that reduces overall industry risk and increases the range of domestic and international clients that can be well served. All capacity is good. Diversity in supply response is good.

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