Farmer Fallout From Puratone Bankruptcy in the Hundreds of Thousands: Harry Siemens

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The hog industry in Western Canada has been knocked to its knees in recent months by high feed prices and negative margins. A large hog breeder, producer and feed company — Manitoba-based Puratone Corporation — is in the process of being bought by Maple Leaf Foods, the company’s largest hog buyer.

Amidst the fall out of Puratone filing for credit protection, are several farmers who delivered grain without being paid immediately, as they always did, to the company in the days and weeks prior to the business becoming insolvent. Those farmers are owed money, substantial money, and it would appear they are not going to see any of it any time soon.’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, spoke with Harry Siemens of, about the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed Manitoba farmers and why some farmers are being paid and others are not.

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