Helen Choquette Wins the Keys to the Combine

Helen Choquette wins the Keys to the Combine

Helen Choquette wins the Keys to the Combine

Dow AgroSciences has offically confirmed today that Helen Choquette’s PIN number was drawn for the Nexera Canola Keys to the Combine Contest yesterday at Red Deer’s AgriTrade – giving her full ownership of a 2012 New Holland CR 9090 combine, valued at $331,000.

In 15 months almost 50,000 keys were unlocked in the Nexera Canola Keys to the Combine contest – but it was one of the keys earned by Choquette, who farms with her family 20 miles north of Kelvington, Saskatchewan, that won.

“When I started the contest I just had a feeling I was going to win,” says Choquette.  “The morning of the draw I even joked to my husband and kids I was going to win the combine later that day. We really need it and are thrilled to officially retire our New Holland TX66 that we bought used five years ago.”  Choquette’s son, Mitchel, says he’s looking forward to “less wrenching and more threshing” in 2013.

The new 2012 New Holland CR 9090 is the combine of their dreams – they are longtime loyal Yorkton New Holland customers. And they are also Nexera canola growers.  In 2011 they had what Choquette describes as a ‘beautiful’ Nexera canola crop averaging 52 bushels an acre. If, weather permitting, 2013 is a repeat they now have the necessary combine capacity.


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Helen Choquette

Thank you Dow AgroSciences and The Western Producer! We would also like to thank all those who worked behind the scene on this contest. We really appreciate it and can not wait to meet everyone. I am still so excited!

Helen Choquette


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