Maple Leaf Foods has announced it will buy the Puratone Corporation, the cash-strapped Manitoba hog production company, for approximately $42 million. The purchase includes Puratone’s livestock, facilities and interests in some joint ventures. The transaction is expected to close within a month, subject to court and regulatory approvals, according to a news release. .

“This acquisition will ensure a consistent supply of hogs to our processing facility in Brandon, which is an integral supplier to our value added prepared meats and pork business,” said Michael H. McCain, President and CEO.

“The agreement reached with Maple Leaf represents a tremendously positive outcome and we are very pleased with the stability it provides our stakeholders, particularly our employees,” said Ray Hildebrand, president and CEO, Puratone Corporation.

Puratone operates about 50 barns in the province of Manitoba in proximity to Maple Leaf’s Brandon plant and produces approximately 500,000 hogs annually. Puratone also operates three feed mills. With this acquisition, Maple Leaf will own approximately 30% of its hog supply into Brandon and produce approximately 1.2 million hogs annually.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc., headquartered in Toronto, employs approximately 19,500 people at its operations across Canada and in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia. The Company had sales of $4.9 billion in 2011

8 thoughts on “Maple Leaf Foods to Buy Puratone Corp.

  1. Well I really hope that they do something good with those pigs because I tell ya I won’t be buying pork from them…. After seeing w5 I’d rather go vegetarian I tell you that much….NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW CRUEL PEOPLE CAN REALLY BE… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? SERIOUSLY

    1. It’s not maple leaf that did all that… They just bought them out … I hope maple leaf turns things around quick…. At least I don’t tink it’s them

  2. Sickened by the treatment of Puratone’s farm animals. I will research my pork purchases more carefully from now on as I can not support this disturbing and inhumane treatment .

  3. I sure hope u don’t continue practices that puratone was shown to consider appropriate. It was rather disturbing to see the poor conditions and CRUEL treatment of these animals. Perhaps MR. McCain should be place in a cell where he cannot stand ,turn around, and fed Polluted water. Then how some torture and and abuse.
    I was truly sickened by what I saw on W5. I cannot understand how anyone can consider this normal and acceptable practice. I have friends and family who farm beef pork and chickens. Not one of these farms treat their livestock this way. If an animal is treated humanly and cared for with respect then you obtain a superior product. The W5 investigation will be placed on all available digital mediums. I will make your acceptance of these practices known to the entire north American continent. Then let’s see how your stocks and stock holders hold up to the mass boycott of your products. It is my aim and responsibility to ensure that those conditions at those farms and farms all across this country are changed.

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