Tips for Getting in on the Auction Action

Farm auctions have long been a gathering place, a chance to meet with old friends and maybe even make new ones over a round of spirited bidding. While auctions have changed some, with many people attending via Internet, they’re still a great place and sometimes the only place to find much-needed items.

In Western Canada, auction prices have soared for some types of equipment. Reports of tractors, sprayers and other sought after items selling for more than their new sticker price are not uncommon, likely because you simply can’t always find these items new when you want them. Those in the market for a drill, air seeder or combine, however, can have their pick of the litter and may even find a really good deal if they’re sharp.

Buying at auction isn’t without risk, of course. Used equipment is just that, used, and there’s no sure-fire way to know whether a piece of equipment has been well-loved or rode hard and put away wet. For those looking to shop at auction, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers has this helpful blog post on the topic of buying at auction, with 5 things to check on equipment before you decide to purchase.


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