Wheat midge feeding on kernels can cause significant damage, downgrading the crop and eating into yield. One of the big trip-ups for many farmers is timing a spray application โ€” is anthesis too late? Do you wait for the entire head to emerge? (Hint: Anthesis is getting too late — more on ideal spray timing here.)

For those in the typical midge zone, and perhaps outside that zone as well as discussed in the video, a midge-tolerant varietal blend eliminates the need for spraying, without the yield hit that sometimes comes with in-crop resistance.

In this video, RealAgriculture.com’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, interviews Todd Hyra, business manager, Western Canada for Secan, to further discuss what to expect with midge-tolerant varieties so as not to be surprised by low-level feeding and to fully understand the stewardship agreement.

For more information on the wheat midge life cycle and more about the varietal blends, click here.

If you cannot see the embedded video, click here.

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