Corn & Soy Bright Spots in Final 2012 Stats Can Report

The final Statistics Canada numbers are tallied for the 2012 crop and while there are few surprises in the report over the last version, it should be noted that corn and soybeans both had banner years. Grain corn is estimated at a record 13.1 million tonnes, up 15.0% from 2011.

In Ontario, Stats Can estimates corn for grain production was up 11.3% from 2011 to a record 8.6 million tonnes. The production increase in 2012 was driven mainly by a 10.5% increase in harvested area to a record 2.2 million acres. Quebec farmers reported corn production increased 12.2% to 3.5 million tonnes in 2012. This was the result of a 9.5% increase in yield to 145.0 bushels per acre, combined with a 2.4% increase in harvested area.

The soybean crop is pegged at 4.9 million tonnes, a result of an 8.2% increase in area and 6.1% increase in yield over 2011. Ontario harvested an estimated 2.6 million acres. The other big push was in the west, as Manitoba farmers seeded an estimated 800,000 acres (a 40.4% increase in area) with a huge jump in average yield to 34.9 bu/ac. Quebec yields increased just over 10% and averaged 43.9 bu/ac. 

For more on the final Stats Can numbers, click here.


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