The Liberal Party of Canada is in the middle of choosing a new leader. While the vast majority of attention has been lavished on a raven-haired prime minister’s son, Martha Hall Findlay has been the first (and perhaps only) candidate to bring any part of an agriculture platform into the race.’s editor, Lyndsey Smith, spoke with Ms. Hall Findlay about her bid for the head Liberal job and particularly about her stance on supply management. Ending supply management is a subject she tackled as an executive fellow with the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy. (To read her research paper, click here).

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In this interview, Ms. Hall Findlay outlines why she believes supply management no longer makes sense for Canada and for non-supply managed farmers and a potential plan for dismantling the policy.

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2 thoughts on “Liberal Leader Hopeful sets her Sights on the End of Supply Management

  1. Martha needs to go home and empty her penny jars and pay her bill form her last unsuccessful run for leader. We do not need comic relief

  2. Does Martha ever look south of the border. She would find a glowing example of how well perfect markets works for American dairyman with their periodic and recurring bailouts. When she done’s dismantling the milk cartel I trust she will have the courage to tackle big oil. As for her example of milk versus cola this is another example of poor education of our young people both in the home and in the educational system. Water is still almost free at the tap and less detrimental to your health than soft drinks. Martha most Canadians I know think we should not prosecute citizens for pot possession…so if your majority of Canadians opinion is the way to go in a democratic society you’ll have lots of work to do if you ever get elected.

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