The Top 10 Posts of the Year — East

To the surprise of likely very few, the year’s top post on is one full of fun and frivolity. The Peterson Brothers’ parody of Psy’s “Gangham Style” went viral shortly after it was released and currently has 11 million views on YouTube. Of course, we’re not all about fun and games, and the Top 10 list gets much grittier after that. From land rents, to animal welfare issues, crop fertility planning and certified seed use, our 2012 coverage most certainly featured the issues that impacted farming and the agriculture industry this year.

And with that, here are the Top 10 Posts for Eastern Canada for 2012:

  1. Peterson Brothers — Working Farmer Style “Gangham Style” Parody
  2. Before you Decide to Egg-liminate from your diet
  3. What Consumers Seem to Forget: My reaction to W5’s Shockumentary
  4. Wheat School: Protecting the Flag Leaf
  5. Are Farmers Paying too Much for Land?
  6. Peter Johnson Rants about why you should buy certified seed
  7. Soil Tilth and 300 Bushel Corn: What’s the connection?
  8. Is John Deere Correct about the future of farming
  9. Corn School: Maximize yield with dry or liquid fertilizer
  10. Is this the year for double crop soybeans?

Did your favorite make the list? Many of these stories garnered comments and discussions. Check them out for more!


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