Thumbs up, Thumbs down: 2012 Ag News & Events In Review

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‘Tis the season for not just gifts and celebrations, but also countdowns and Top 10 lists. is not immune to such year-end traditions, and, in the spirit of the holidays (and impending end of the world? Maybe), Shaun Haney and Lyndsey Smith have done an overview of the year’s top ag news and events. Not content, however, to just list the top stories, Shaun and Lyndsey decided to take it one step further and add their thoughts on the news events that shaped 2012.

Events are judged with a ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’, and we invite you to share your own views in the comments. Agree with us, but think we missed a story? Share it in the comments! Think we’re out to lunch (you wouldn’t be the first!), share that in the comments!

In this video, hear what the RealAgriculture team has to say about canola, soybeans in the west, the NHL lockout, the XL Foods fiasco, Justin Bieber’s clothing choices, pressure on supply management, Gerry Ritz and more.

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RealAgriculture News Team

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Overall I think the whole year was a thumbs up. I would of given Gerry Ritz a thumbs down.

Shaun Haney

the links for Android and Blackberry are to download the app directly to your phone. If you open them on your desktop it won’t work. You need to open the links on your phone.

Anne D

Yes Shaun does drink too much coffee but I hear he’s switching to tea! Great piece you two!

Rick Taillieu

My 4 thumbs up for 2012…
1. FarmTech moving to the Expo Centre at Northlands
2. Farmers adopting and utilizing twitter and the subsequent tweet-ups
3. Alberta Canola sponsoring the canolaschool videos
4. the canoLAB indoor diagnostics extravaganza


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