Under the Microscope, Ep 6: An In-Depth Look at Soybean Testing

Soybean seeds harvested at low moisture are prone to cracking. Cracked seeds often end up as

Soybeans are tested on a rolled towel. Abnormal seeds at left.Holly Gelech 2012

The 2012 growing season was a positive one for soybean growers in all parts of the Prairies. It was also very hot and dry in many areas at harvest. As such, the crop came off dry to very dry. Soybeans are prone to cracking under these conditions, and the cracks aren’t always visible. The issue is that, over time, the germ and vigour of a soybean seed will degrade because of these cracks in the seed coat.

In this episode of Under the Microscope, Holly Gelech, business development manager for Biovision Seed Labs, walks us through how low germ rates are showing up in samples, what problems are coming up in seed tests and what farmers should be thinking about in February or March if they plan on seeding soybeans in 2013.

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Iain Robson

Great information.

Is there the same pest pressure in Ontario as there is out west for soybeans?

I know there were aphids hitting some farmers soybeans this summer.

Lyndsey Smith

We’re lucky, so far, in the west. Because it’s a new crop disease and insect pressure is still relatively low. It will come with more acres and time, of course.


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