Land Rent Strategies For When You Can’t Be the Highest Bidder

Farm land values and land rents are a hot topic this winter. JP Gervais of FCC recently gave his thoughts on what’s driving Ontario land values, and University of Guelph’s Alfons Weersink offered insight into making land rent agreements work. As land prices rise, so to do rents, but a constant increase isn’t sustainable. What’s more, some farmers may not be able or want to compete with their neighbours for sky-high land rents and need a fresh strategy to secure land. Enter Willie Huot.

RealAgriculture’s own Bern Tobin was at FarmSmart ’13 last week and spoke with Huot, a farm business management and economic extension specialist with North Dakota State University, about the opportunity and challenges of high land rents. In this video, Huot highlights some very practical ways that farmers can offer value to a land rent agreement that isn’t in cash form.

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